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The Bridge Centers

I have many passions in life, counseling and helping others is my true calling. I quickly discovered the academic track of traditional psychological therapy was not for me. I am far too spiritual for traditional psychological counseling, yet I'm too academic for religious counseling. I was guided to the Esoteric Interfaith Church; an absolute blessing for me. Through them, I earned my ordainment and, later on, a Ph.D. allowing me to follow my passion and give back to humanity. 

We all know sometimes our gifts can get away from us. We can feel swamped, overwhelmed, depressed, and anxiety ridden. This is all a normal part of learning your gifts and what works for you. I approach you and your gifts on a personal level. I want you to experience the pure love, joy, and peace that comes from connecting with your true self and stepping into your true life. I hope you allow me to join you on this amazing journey.

Much love;