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The Bridge Centers

The Bridge Centers has fully run its course and will be closing April 27, 2019. Please head over to for AMAZING and EXPANDED content! 

Welcome to The Bridge Centers! Here you'll find real tools, real solutions for the modern empath and by empath we mean anyone who experiences energy "differently" in a tangible way. Our goal is to empower you to use, grow, and control your gifts. Our interactive workshops take the fear out of being an empath and place your personal power firmly in your hands. 

This is truly a place for people to speak openly, meditate in peacefulness, and learn about their spiritual gifts together. We aim to make The Bridge a safe place for people to share, learn, participate, grow, and develop all while honoring and respecting each other’s individual paths. Our ultimate goal is to empower empaths! Here there is no such thing as “experienced” or “inexperienced”, only where you are on your path and, to us, that’s perfect.

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Intuitive Spiritual Counseling, Meditation classes, and resources for the modern Empath