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30 Days of Meditation Pay Here

30 Days of Meditation is here! 

This is a self-paced course with 6 modules, each with 5 days of hands on meditations available through the closed Facebook Group

You will explore six types of meditation:

In the group, you can ask questions and share insights with others who are also just beginning or adding to their meditation practice.

I want this course to be accessible to everyone, so I've left it up to you - $10, $15, or $20. Use the PayPal link below to pay what you feel the course is worth for you and what you feel you'll gain from it. No strings attached and no judgment.

If this sounds right for you, I'd love you to join! Message or email to register.

Be blessed!

Don't shield, EMIT! 

This is my favorite. I use it daily and teach it in lectures, seminars, and workshops. Sit with your feet touching the floor and your palms up and open on your lap. Close your eyes and slowly breathe in and out 5 times. In for the count of 5, out for the count of 5 using your diaphragm. This will ground you, relax you, and get you ready. You do not have to do this every time you shield, but it will help you focus. In your mind, see you sitting there, casually observing. Imagine a star inside of you, right in the center of your stomach. The star is beautiful and shining. It is made entirely of the light and pure, unconditional love of the Source/God/Universe (whatever you want to call it). Imagine the star growing, shining brighter. Call it to grow and it will, it has no choice but to obey. Soon you will be completely engulfed in the star, its rays shining out all around you. This shield automatically transmutes lower, negative energy before it even reaches you into positive energy and releases it outward to all around you. Because you're putting out positive energy, it attracts back to you positive things on the same high vibration through the law of attraction. To start, imagine it 2-3 times a day; before you get out of bed, around mid day if you need it, and before you fall asleep. Soon you will find that when you check on it, you won't need to make it grow because it's already in place.

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