Spiritual Counseling Sessions - Spiritual Counseling uses spirit guidance and messages in conjunction with traditional psychology techniques. Clients have the benefit of hearing from Spirit and their higher self to promote healing right now in their lives. This is the perfect type of counseling for empaths, HSP, mystics, and the spiritually inclined. The suggested donation is $80 per 60-minute session. Sessions are held via webcam (Skype, Facetime, etc.) or phone for your convenience and to expand my available hours.  


Thank you! I learned something new this morning and I'm hardly even out of bed yet ... Love when I get sent a message so clearly and easily.” ~Jennifer H., Roeland Park, KS

I have never felt such closeness with "strangers" in all my life. This group has done so much for me and my family. There
is so much wonderful information and wonderful people and I always feel open, which is such an accomplishment for me because I usually have towers around me never mind walls. There is a wonderful free'ness to this group, and acceptance that is really indescribable. ~Rose D., Worcester, MA

"I have learned that we do not meditate only to gain a message or to gain awareness/an answer to something but to ease our minds and our bodies and strengthen our spirits. To find ourselves.

"I've learned how my natural state of intuitive awareness primarily others emotions is a gift and not only an anxiety disorder. That my body tingles and my stomach
turns when negative energy is trying to take over. Through you I learned to listen to the whatever it is that calls to me needing my attention or care, and I learnt from that I hear this message loudest through meditating via creating music, lyrics and vocal melodies."  ~Kelly Noland – Gulf Breeze, FL

"Let me just say that I am so glad I contacted you for an intuitive reading Andrea. So many important questions were answered through your genuine ability to mediate what spirit wanted me to know. I am so pleased to have found someone that I'm convinced has a true gift and isn't afraid to use it. You'll be the first one I think of the next time I feel like my guidance isn't quite clear, especially since it's so affordable. Keep doing that thing you do. Much love, Shawn McHenry"

Empath Education Sessions -  Pre-scheduled empath education classes as well as group and individual classes in your home or public location. Find all pre-scheduled classes by clicking "Calendar" above. Use the contact form below to schedule your own group and individual sessions.   

Group Meditation - I am now offering group meditation sessions in and around Raleigh, NC. Prices are subject to area and group size. Please use the contact form below to schedule yours or click the "Calendar" for pre-scheduled dates and times. 

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